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Special Programs at Cinecon 54

Revised August 16, 2018

Cinecon always screens some of the best and rarest feature films available from studios and archives around the country. This year, in addition to these great films, we will be putting together another wonderful and varied assortment of special programs. Some will be in the main theater at the Egyptian (at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard) with a few screening in the Spielberg theater, which is accessed through the lobby of the main theater, and some will be at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Shows at the hotel and in the Spielberg will be running concurrently with films in the main theater.

For a full list of films and programs with screening times please check out our Cinecon 54 schedule page.

Here is a brief overview of our special programs. More details will be added as available.


KINECON AT CINECON   Saturday Sep. 1 at 2:10pm
Another classic collection of LIVE television kinescope programs returns to Cinecon 54! These live TV episodes captured on film as a kinescope are as rare as many of our films. This year Stan's program will feature some of the all time greats in the field of comedy. Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Jackie Gleason as well as Carmel Myers, Paul Winchell and a few celebrities from TVís Golden decade of the fifties. This show will be presented in the smaller Spielberg theater which is located inside the Egyptian and will run concurrently with films in the main theater.


Imagine you discover your grandmother was a movie star. You would want to know more, of course, but your mother knows little or nothing since she was a very young child when her mother passed. What do you do? You do what the Brown family did.

The Brown family, three brothers and a sister, applied themselves to the task of finding out about this unknown woman through searching the internet's geneaology sites, researched every film repository they could, visited film museums, and contacted every expert they could find in order to restore this golden leaf in their family tree. Because of their commitment, there is now an extensive Regina Doyle filmography online and a family "backstory" that is no longer incomplete.

Members of the Brown family will be on hand to share how they "discovered" Regina and her first film, BASHFUL WHIRLWIND (1925) will be screened so we can all learn who Regina Doyle is.

This show will be presented in the smaller Spielberg theater which is located inside the Egyptian and will run concurrently with films in the main theater.

SATURDAY NITRATE FEVER  Saturday Sep 1 at 8:30pm
Last year we had our first nitrate program and it was very well received. This year we will be putting together another evening of these unique films. Titles to be announced as available.

It's been said that because nitrate-based films have a higher silver content than modern film stocks the image has richer blacks and a sparkling sheen, with many shadows and highlights all along the grey-scale. Colors, particularly IB-Technicolor, seem richer and sharper, too. This is the chance for you to be the judge. Only a handful of theaters across the country can screen the rare and volatile nitrate film and, since the recent remodel of their projection booth, the Egyptian theater is one of them. This screening will give us another chance to step into the past and view these films as they looked when they were shown for the first time.

Nitrate screenings at the Egyptian are made possible through support of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Turner Classic Movies, and The Film Foundation in partnership with the American Cinematheque and the Academy Film Archive.


ANIMATION PROGRAM   Saturday Sep 1 5:05pm
Jerry Beck, renowned author and animation authority, will be putting together a special animation program for Cinecon this year. Many of you may know Jerry from his many books on the subject and his informative websites Cartoon Research and Animation Scoop. To see a list of film titles for this year's animation program visit our Animation page.

Our Hall Roach festival is back with new surprises and rarities. Titles will be announced as soon as they're cleared. As most of you know Hal Roach was one of largest producers of two-reel comedy shorts and he helped make stars out of many of the performers that worked for him.

Hotel shows will be in a room on the mezzanine level (2nd floor) of the hotel near the memorabilia show which is in the Hollywood Ballroom

imageMark Cantor returns with another special program of filmed music performances, few of which have been issued on commercial DVD, or can be seen on YouTube.

MARK CANTORíS CELLULOID IMPROVISATIONíS MUSIC FILM ARCHIVE is one of the largest 16mm collections of jazz on film to be found worldwide. The Archive also focuses on such related forms of music as blues, folk, county, Western Swing, vaudeville,image jazz dance and ďpop.Ē Mr. Cantor will sample more than two dozen clips from the archive, and while the names may be familiar, the performances will be new to you!

This yearís program will be a tribute to the big bands featuring performances by Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Ray McKinley, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Harry James and more! Swing fans wonít want to miss it!


imageRETROFORMAT, Rare Silent Gems on 8mm and 16mm Film, which presents monthly programs in the Spielberg Screening Room of the Egyptian Theatre, is pleased to bring to Cinecon this tribute to our origins: 8mm screenings in hotel rooms! This one-hour, all-8mm program is a hilarious, nostalgic look back at Hollywood in the '20s, including amazing newsreel footage of the stars including Doug and Mary, Gloria Swanson, and many more; plus Will Rogers in UNCENSORED MOVIES (1923) doing hilarious send-ups of Rudolph Valentino, William S. Hart and Tom Mix; and a real rarity, directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Johnny Arthur in MY STARS (1926) with Johnny trying to win his girl, Virginia Vance, by doing great impressions of Milton Sills, Douglas Fairbanks, Harold Lloyd and more! As always, Retroformat will feature live accompaniment by Los Angeles' premiere live film accompanist, CLIFF RETALLICK!

Programs listed here are subject to change without notice.

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