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Cinecon 54 Film Schedule

Updated 8/21/18

Here is the schedule for Cinecon 54. For more information about these films see our Screening at Cinecon 54 page and for more information about other programs see our Special Programs page.

All of the screenings will be at Grauman's Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard except for two shows which are noted as being at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Admission is by day pass or full festival pass which can be purchased in advance or at the door during the show, please see our Registration page for more information

Film running times are approximate and this schedule is subject to change without notice. Some films may be listed here pending final clearance. Guests appearances are confirmed subject to unforeseen circumstances.

Click here for a PDF printable schedule

Cinecon 54 films

Thursday August 30
5:00    Opening Night Reception in Forecourt
7:15    Edison Kinetophone /Welcoming Remarks
7:25   HELEN’S BABIES (1924) Baby Peggy, Clara Bow 63 min
With live accompaniment by the Famous Players Orchestra
8:50   SWEET AND LOW-DOWN (1944) Jack Oakie 76 min
10:20    SCOTLAND YARD (1941) John Loder, Nancy Kelly, Edmund Gwenn 68 min
Friday August 31
9:00    Community Sing #1 (1939) The King Sisters, Gene Markey
9:10    BLONDE TROUBLE (1937) Johnny Downs, Eleanore Whitney 66 min
10:25   LITTLE ORPHANT ANNIE (1918) Colleen Moore 49 min
11:25   KING SOLOMON OF BROADWAY (1935) Edmund Lowe, Dorothy Page 71 min
12:35    Lunch Break**
  2:15      Hal Roach Shorts
Playin’ Hookey (1928) Our Gang
Mark Cantor Presents: I've got
         The Sting of Stings (1927) Charley Chase, Edna Marion    those 'just gotta see it but it ain't on Youtube blues'
2:55    IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE (1933) Raul Roulien, Gloria Stuart, Edna May Oliver 69 min
4:15    Q&A with Eva Marie Saint
4:45    THAT CERTAIN FEELING (1956)   Eva Marie Saint, Bob Hope  103 min
6:30    Dinner Break
8:10   MENTONE SHORTS 60 min
9:20   Wandering Willies (1926) Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde 20 min
9:40   SO LONG, LETTY (1920) 58 min
10:50   THE APE (1940) (new 35mm) Boris Karloff Maris Wrixon 62 min
Saturday September 1
9:00   Restored Laurel & Hardy Shorts: Brats (1930) Hog Wild (1930) Victory Caravan
10:00    FOUR DAYS’ WONDER (1936) Jeanne Dante,  Martha Sleeper, Kenneth Howell 61 min
11:15    NAUGHTY BABY (1928)   Alice White, Jack Mulhall, Thelma Todd  70 min
12:30    Lunch Break**
  2:20    Musical Blacksmiths    SPIELBERG THEATRE
  2:25    ONCE IN A LIFETIME (1932)
Jack Oakie, Sidney Fox 92 min
          Kinescope Program
  4:10    THE DESERT BRIDE (1928)
 Betty Compson, Allan Forrest
60 min
         REGINA DOYLE: The Untold
          But True Story
(1932) Slim Summerville, Zasu
Pitts, Cora Sue Collins 71 min
         JERRY BECK'S
6:20    Q&A with Cora Sue Collins
7:00    Dinner Break
     SATURDAY NITRATE FEVER Special Program*
8:55    September in the Rain (1937) Cartoon 6 min
9:00    HE LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN (1933) Stu Erwin, Susan Fleming
68 min
10:20   San Francisco Earthquake footage
10:35    THE AVENGER (1931) Buck Jones, Dorothy Revier
66 min
Sunday September 2
9:00   She Snoops to Conquer (1944) Barbara Jo Allen, Vernon Dent
18 min
9:20    THE GOLDEN HORDE (1951) Ann Blyth, David Farrar 77 min
10:50   OUTSIDE THE LAW (1920, reconstructed) Lon Chaney, Priscilla Dean 76 min
12:10    Lunch Break**
  1:45      The Infernal Triangle (1935) Phyllis Barry, John Warburton 20 min    SHOW AT THE LOEWS HOTEL
2:05   INFERNAL MACHINE (1933) Chester Morris, Genevieve Tobin, Victor Jory 67 min
3:25   SEVEN SINNERS (1925) Marie Prevost, Clive Brook 70 min
4:55   ¡ASEGURE A SU MUJER! (INSURE YOUR WIFE!) (1935) Raul Roulien, Conchita Montenegro, Antonio Moreno XX min
6:20    Dinner Break
8:00   The Trial of Vince Barnett (1933) Vince Barnett, Max Davidson, Bert Roach
8:20    GOLDIE (1931) Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy 68 min
9:40    Sid’s Long Count (2nd reel) (1930)
9:50    THE WILD HORSE STAMPEDE (1926) Jack Hoxie, Fay Wray, William Steele 53 min
10:50   LEGION OF TERROR (1936)   Bruce Cabot, Marguerite Churchill    63 min
Monday September 3
9:00    A Tale of Old Whiff (Originally filmed in 70mm) 17 min
9:30    MILLION DOLLAR LEGS (1932) Jack Oakie, W.C.Fields, Andy Clyde 64 min
10:45    THE SHAKEDOWN (1929) James Murray, Barbara Kent 70 min
12:00    Lunch Break**
1:40   THE VIRGINIA JUDGE (1935) Walter C. Kelly, Marsha Hunt, Robert Cummings 63 min
2:55   MISS TATLOCK’S MILLIONS (1948) John Lund, Wanda Hendrix, Barry Fitzgerald 101 min
4:45    ON THE AVENUE (1937) Dick Powell, Madeleine Carroll, Alice Faye 89 min
6:15    Farewell Remarks

COLOR CODE: Sound, Silents with live piano, Silent with track, Live events.
**Trivia giveaway five minutes before program begins.

Features and feature-length programs are ALL CAPS. There will be thirty-second breaks between shorts and features; seven-minute (at least) breaks after each feature. We do our best to stick to the schedule, but changes and delays are inevitable; please don’t holler at us. And We will never start a film early.

*Nitrate screenings made possible through support of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Turner Classic Movies, and The Film Foundation in partnership with the American Cinematheque and the Academy Film Archive.

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