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This page will give you the latest information about what's new or been updated on this website. For the most current news and announcements about Cinecon 56 you will want to check out our Friends of Cinecon Classic Film Festival Facebook page.

Cineconline General Information About Show
(posted August 31, 2020. Revised September 4)
The show will start on Thursday, September 3rd at 3pm Pacific time/6pm Eastern time. There will be a 10 minute countdown leading up to the 3/6 start time. The show will stream live in the window that is already up on the main page.
You can expand the program window to fill the screen by rolling your cursor over the bottom edge of the window to see the status/control bar. Click on the box to the right that says "fullscreen." Tech savvy viewers may also be able to cast the show to their TV screens for the best viewing.
Visit our film page to see what we'll be showing and our schedule page to find our when we'll be showing it. Each day runs approximately 4 1/2 hours and will include a few surprises along the way that have not been listed on the schedule page. There are a few 5 minute breaks in the show which are indicated in the schedule.
The show will stream live over the internet. It is a one-time special event and there will be no repeat. The show will NOT be available to view anywhere at a later time. Some films or clips may be encored at a future Cinecon event but none are scheduled for that at this time.
You can "live chat" with Cinecon during the net cast by going to the Cinecon page at the Hollywood Heritage website and clicking on the green "Live Chat" button.
There will be a post Cineconline reception on Zoom after the final presentation on Saturday and you can join us! This will be a little after 7pm Pacific time (or 10pm Eastern). Go to

In case you missed it - Stan's Interview
(posted August 20, 2020)

On August 19th Stan was interviewed by Stu Shostak on his Stu's Show. If you missed it fear not, you can go to the website's archive page and for a nominal fee you can download or stream the show. You can download an audio only or a video version of the show. We'd suggest the video version because Stan and Stu showed a lot of film clips and you'll miss them if you only get the audio version.

Stan Taffel talking live about our CINECONLINE Labor Day show
(posted August 12, 2020)

Cinecon president Stan Taffel will appear on Stu's Show, an online interview program, on Wednesday, August 19, at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET. We will be simulcasting the show so that not only can you see the interview on Stu's website but you will also be able to see it right here on our website's main page! Stan will be talking about all things Cinecon including the upcoming Labor Day program (September 3rd to the 5th). If you have a question for Stan you can email it to Since we will also be streaming our Labor Day program in the same way as this interview it will be a good time for you to test your internet system ahead of our September show to make sure everything is compatible.

Cinecon 56 Postponed due to Covid-19
(posted May 23, 2020)

Due to the ravages of Coronavirus and the California governorís gathering restrictions in the Los Angeles County area that will continue into the beginning of next year, we reluctantly have to postpone Cinecon 56 until Labor Day Weekend 2021.

We would like to further announce that we are planning to have some virtual programming during the time we would normally be holding our annual gathering this year (Sep 3 - Sep 7), via our website and on a Roku Television channel. Details will be announced on our website and our Facebook page as information becomes available.


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