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Here is a comprehensive list of all (or most) of the films we've screened through the years, starting with Cinecon 1 in 1965 through the show that just ended, Cinecon 55. Many special programs are also on the lists. Now you can quickly find out if and when we've run a specific title. There are 2 versions of the list, one in alphabetical order and the other in show order. Please note: there are a few question marks and discrepancies in this list as posted. If you have any corrections or additions, please send us an e-mail at

Cinecon Films by name

Titles in alphabetical order

Cinecon Films by year

Titles by show number

(These lists are PDF files so you will need Adobe Reader to view them. Most people already have Adobe Reader on their computers but if you don't you can visit the Adobe website to download the latest version of the program.)

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