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This is a list of some of the authors who are scheduled to attend Cinecon 54. The book signings are part of the Cinecon Memorabilia Show which will be at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, 1755 N. Highland Avenue. Authors will be located in the Hollywood Ballroom on the mezzanine level (2nd floor) with the memorabilia show.


THEDA BARA MY MENTOR: Under the Wings of Hollywood's First Femme Fatale
By Joan Craig with Beverly F. Stout

As movie patrons sat in darkened theaters in January 1914, they were mesmerized by an alluring temptress with long sable hair and kohl-rimmed eyes. Theda Bara—“the vamp,” as she would come to be known—would soon be one of the highest paid film stars of the 1910s, earning an unheard of $4,000 per week, before retiring from the screen in 1926. Although Theda was retired she was very much a part of Hollywood. Hollywood celebrities flowed through her front door!

In 1946, at age five, the author met Bara—then 61—at her Beverly Hills home and the actress became her mentor. This memoir is the story of their friendship.


MIRIAM HOPKINS: Life and Films of a Hollywood Rebel
University Press of Kentucky
By Allan R. Ellenberger

Miriam Hopkins first captured moviegoers' attention in daring precode films such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931), The Story of Temple Drake (1933), and Ernst Lubitsch's Trouble in Paradise (1932). Though she enjoyed popular and critical acclaim in her long career--receiving an Academy Award nomination for Becky Sharp (1935) and a Golden Globe nomination for The Heiress (1949)--she is most often remembered for being one of the most difficult actresses of Hollywood's golden age. Whether she was fighting with studio moguls over her roles or feuding with her avowed archrival, Bette Davis, her reputation for temperamental behavior is legendary.

Ellenberger's skillful biography treats readers to the intriguing stories and controversies surrounding Hopkins and her career, but also looks beyond her Hollywood persona to explore the star as an uncompromising artist. The result is an entertaining portrait of a brilliant yet underappreciated performer.


100 YEARS OF BRODIES WITH HAL ROACH: The Jaunty Journeys of a Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Pioneer
BearManor Media
By Craig Calman

Personal anecdotes of the author's friendship with Hal Roach serve to enhance this biography which presents a complete and detailed overview of Roach's career. From his arrival in Hollywood in 1912 during the earliest days of movie making, to the creation of a studio dedicated to the production of popular film comedies, to his pioneering work at the birth of the talkies and his virtual launching of the television industry in Hollywood twenty years after that, and on through the 100th year of his exuberantly productive life.


HENRY BRANDON: King of the Bogeymen
BearManor Media
By Bill Cassara and Richard S. Greene

You’ve seen him stand shoulder to shoulder with John Wayne as Indian Chief Scar in The Searchers, as the insidious Fu Manchu with world domination desires and as Barnaby, the wicked nemesis to Laurel & Hardy in Babes In Toyland. What you might not know is the versatile Henry Brandon essayed a variety of characters in film, television and a stage career that spanned 55 years amassing over 200 roles. Authors Bill Cassara and Richard S. Greene team up to unveil Brandon’s career highlights as one of America’s most despicable villains and best character actors. As the vivid Hollywood story of this master craftsman unfolds, listen for Barnaby’s evil laughter echoing in the background.


THE MAN WHO MADE THE MOVIES The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of William Fox
By Vanda Krefft

Although a major Hollywood studio still bears William Fox’s name, the man himself has been largely forgotten by history. Yet, Fox was arguably the most important of all the early movie moguls, a brilliant rags-to-riches entrepreneur who loved motion pictures and made many pivotal contributions to the industry’s art, technology, and business. After founding Fox Film in 1915, he created the first brand name sex symbol, Theda Bara; he also pioneered international distribution of U.S. films, championed the development of sound-on-film, built a deluxe nationwide theater chain, and gave crucial early career breaks to John Ford, Frank Borzage, and Howard Hawks. Among Fox’s landmark films were A Fool There Was (1915), Cleopatra (1917), The Iron Horse (1924), 7th Heaven (1927), and F.W. Murnau’s masterpiece, Sunrise (1927). Drawing on a decade of original research, The Man Who Made the Movies offers a richly detailed look at a complex man whose visionary ambitions lifted him to the height of success…and then suddenly cast him down to a tragic end.


MABEL NORMAND: The Life and Career of a Hollywood Madcap
By Timothy Dean Lefler

American silent film star Mabel Normand (1892–1930) appeared in a string of popular movies opposite the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle during the 1910s and 1920s, before dying of tuberculosis at age 37. Her brief but remarkable career, which included director and writer credits as well as heading her own studio and production company, was marred by scandal—police connected her to the unsolved 1922 murder of director William Desmond Taylor—that defined her legacy. This book highlights Normand’s substantial yet long overlooked contributions to film history and popular culture, tracing her life from humble beginnings on Staten Island to the heights of world superstardom.


ELEMENTARY ART: 100 Years of Sherlock Holmes
Silver Screen Collectibles
By William S. Major

Featuring more than 350 photos, this book chronicles over 100 years of movie posters and images from Sherlock Holmes films, spanning silent pictures to present day. Along with great Sherlock images, Holmes’ impact on popular culture through the years is highlighted through multiple Holmesian inspired parody film poster images.

Author Bill Major is one of our memorabilia dealers so don't look for him at an author table, his book will be available at his Silver Screen Collectibles table.


imageBy Tom Nolan

This is a biography of the celebrated and internationally popular clarinetist and big-band leader of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. In addition to selling millions of copies of such records as "Begin the Beguine," "Frenesi," "Summit Ridge Drive," and "Star Dust," Artie appeared in movies (Dancing Co-Ed, Second Chorus), dated such stars as Judy Garland, Alice Faye, and Betty Grable; and was married to Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Evelyn Keyes -- and four other women. The book draws on several interviews done by Nolan with Shaw between 1990 and 2004, and with other interviews with some 200 of Artie's friends and associates.

Tom will also be bringing the book that he edited with Suzanne Marrs, MEANWHILE THERE ARE LETTERS: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald


imageBook Publishers Network
By Manny Pacheco

Nothing grabs the mind like a finely crafted film. Memorable lines strike an instant impression, and imagery provides celluloid art to enjoy time and again. Bypassing the legendary stars from the studio era's golden age, Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History focuses on the character actors and actresses that consistently delivered stellar performances, and it offers a bold fresh new take of our human journey.

And now Manny will be bringing the long-awaited new literary work in his Forgotten Hollywood book series, ROAD TO FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD FORGOTTEN HISTORY, to Cinecon 54. The book will feature a new batch of character actors from Hollywood’s Golden Age who are a part of America’s story.


THE CREATURE CHRONICLES:Exploring the Black Lagoon Trilogy
By Tom Weaver with David Schecter

The ultimate resource guide for the three Creature from the Black Lagoon movies of the mid-1950s.
UNIVERSAL TERRORS 1951-1955: Eight Classic Horror and Science Fiction Films
By Tom Weaver with David Schecter
In-depth reference book highlighting eight classic Universal sci-fi films, including Tarantula, This Island Earth, and It Came from Outer Space.

David Schecter will also be bringing CDs from his Monstrous Movie Music label. They feature Magnificent film score re-recordings and original soundtrack releases from films like The Blob, Them!, Mighty Joe Young, Ship of Fools, and The Tall Texan.


WORTH WATCHING Movie Reviews and Essays
By Tyler Smith

Here is a book of movie reviews and essays written by film critic and podcaster Tyler Smith. The book features thoughtful exploration of blockbusters, documentaries, classics, faith-based films, and much more. Smith also examines the work of legendary comedian Harold Lloyd, the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart, and the emerging genre of Christian Social Drama. If you love movies, you'll love WORTH WATCHING!


BARBARA LA MARR: The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful for Hollywood
University Press of Kentucky
By Sherri Snyder

In the first full-length biography of the woman known as the "girl who was too beautiful," Sherri Snyder presents a complete portrait of one of the silent era's most infamous screen sirens. In five short years La Marr appeared in twenty-six films. Yet by 1925--finding herself beset by numerous scandals, several failed marriages, a hidden pregnancy, and personal prejudice based on her onscreen persona--she fell out of public favor. When she was diagnosed with a fatal lung condition, she continued to work, undeterred, until she collapsed on set. She died at the age of twenty-nine. Few stars have burned as brightly and as briefly as Barbara La Marr, and her extraordinary life story is one of tempestuous passions as well as perseverance in the face of adversity. Drawing on never-before-released diary entries, correspondence, and creative works, Snyder's biography offers a valuable perspective on her contributions to silent-era Hollywood and the cinematic arts.


Tefteller Publishing
imageBy John Tefteller

This book contains TWO Cd's of never before heard Laurel & Hardy audio. There is a NBC radio audition from 1944 called "No Dumber Plumbers" and a full hour private, candid interview with Stan Laurel that has never been heard. The book tells the story of how these super rare items were found and their significance to the world of Laurel & Hardy. The photos in the books are almost all previously unseen and there are essays from Leonard Maltin, Michael Feinstein and Randy Skretvedt.

John will also be bringing his other book/CD combo, LAUREL & HARDY ON STAGE!- Rare and Unusual Unreleased Live Performances 1942 - 1957, to our show.


COMIC VENUS: Women & Comedy in American Silent Film
Wayne State University Press
By Kristen Anderson Wagner

For many people the term "silent comedy" conjures up images of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp, Buster Keaton's Stoneface, or Harold Lloyd hanging precariously from the side of a skyscraper. Even people who have never seen a silent film can recognize these comedians at a glance. But what about the female comedians? Gale Henry, Louise Fazenda, Colleen Moore, Constance Talmadge-these and numerous others were wildly popular during the silent film era, appearing in countless motion pictures and earning top salaries, and yet their names have been almost entirely forgotten. Their talent and brave spirit continues to be felt today, and Comic Venus: Women and Comedy in American Silent Film seeks to provide a better understanding of women's experiences in the early twentieth century and to better understand and appreciate the unruly and boundary-breaking women who have followed. Drawing from a large range of archival materials, Comic Venus is the first book to explore the overlooked contributions made by comediennes in American silent film.


WILD BILL WELLMAN: Hollywood Rebel
By William Wellman, Jr.

Actor and author William Wellman, Jr. has written this great new biography about his legendary father, famed director William "Wild Bill" Wellman. Here is a revealing, boisterous portrait of the handsome, tough-talking, hard-drinking, uncompromising maverick juvenile delinquent whose own life story was more adventurous and more unpredictable than anything in the movies. William imageWellman is famous for directing such iconic pictures as: the pioneering World War I epic Wings (winner of the first Academy Award for best picture), Public Enemy, The Call of the Wild, Nothing Sacred, the original A Star Is Born, Beggars of Life, Battleground, The Ox-Bow Incident and The High and the Mighty.

He will bring his other book The Man and His Wings (Praeger) and his award-winning DVD, Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick (Kino Lorber). He will also be bringing photographs from his father’s collection.


This list of authors is subject to change without notice.


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